Independent Practitioner


Dr. Christine Sanmiquel

Licensed Acupuncturist
Dr. Christine is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist holding doctoral degrees in both Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as Medical Qigong, the highest level of education in both fields. She also taught for five years at one of the most prestigious Universities of Chinese medicine in the country. She has been in private practice since 2009 and loves helping families reach their wellness goals and lead vibrant healthy lives. Experienced in reproductive medicine, Christine enjoys helping men and women through their fertility journey as well as caring for them through pregnancy and beyond. She is committed to excellence in care and is known for her gentle and supportive care of the whole family. She has a special passion for treating children and has advanced training in pediatric acupuncture and did her doctoral research on acupuncture and pediatric ADHD. Parents are often surprised to learn how much children enjoy their sessions and equally important, how quickly they respond to care! Dr. Christine enjoys helping children to have greater understanding of how their unique body works and what helps it to function at its full potential. She is thrilled to be offering these unique sessions to the community at Joyce Wellness. Christine is an enthusiastic educator and speaker and has developed and taught courses in women’s health, pediatric behavior, qigong, meditation and mindfulness among others. She currently enjoys sharing with parents about Five Element personality types and how they shape their child's behavior and also how to build a mindfulness toolbox for those more intense parenting days (and to pass along amazing tools to our children!). She offers her courses both in-person and online. Christine loves connecting with new people and invites you to reach out and say hello! Dr. Christine Sanmiquel L.Ac, DAOM Website: Email: