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Women’s Health

Women’s health

For years, I felt like my body was my enemy.  I “battled” PCOS, anxiety, depression, IBS… you name it.  I know how difficult it can be to face the complications of the female body.  Most of the approaches from western medicine aim to “control” the body- through the birth control pill, aggressive medicines and invasive surgeries. For most women’s health issues, however,  these interventions should be a last resort.  Greater health and vitality arise when we learn about our female hormones, cycles and rhythms to feel more knowledgeable and empowered. The aspects of female physiology that can seem so confusing, are actually the things that make women so unique and powerful… if only we learn to support them effectively.

I work with young girls just learning about their menstrual cycles through to women navigating their postmenopausal physiology.  For those who are still cycling, I teach a system of cycle-syncing to learn about the foods, lifestyle modifications, and techniques that can help women feel more supported through each phase of their menstrual cycles, and more connected to their bodies.