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Embryo transfer acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the theory that energy, or qi (pronounced chee), circulates throughout the body in channels called meridians, much like blood circulates throughout the body in arteries and veins. A healthy body is dependent on the free flow of this energy. When there is a blockage of this energy, pain or disease results. In an acupuncture treatment, a practitioner inserts tiny, sterile and disposable needles into specific points on the body to release these blockages of energy. By clearing these blockages, the body can restore it’s naturally fluid circulation of energy.

Research has shown that receiving an acupuncture treatment before and after embryo transfer can improve pregnancy rates by up to 30%.  Megan loves joining her patients at the fertility clinic to provide extra support, gentle touch, and greater relaxation on an exciting but often nerve-wracking day.  Patients not only have greater success rates, but also report much more positive experiences with their IVF embryo transfers.  If you are interested in having Megan attend your embryo transfer, please reach out to us at


At this time, Megan is not taking regular acupuncture patients.  Please see our referral list under the Resources Section, or we would be happy to provide you with personalized acupuncture referrals.

I've gone to several acupuncturists and can say with full confidence SHE IS THE BEST! She has amazing knowledge of acupuncture and herbs. I have endometriosis and I used to have very painful periods(lots of tears and sleepless nights). I also gave up my dream to conceive naturally. Megan did the miracle for me: my periods are pain free: no more painkillers! I also got pregnant without the doctor 🙂 She takes the time to listen about all your concerns and genuinely cares for her patients. I am very happy I met her!


Fertility Support

It's hard for me to convey what a blessing Megan and her team have been in my fertility journey (read struggle) over the past five years. I first saw Megan after dealing with recurring miscarriage and a long bout of infertility. I had never done acupuncture before and quite frankly, I was skeptical. Megan's genuine and caring demeanor quickly alleviated my initial fears and skepticism and the treatment has since become a truly enjoyable experience for me. Megan has treated me in parallel with my fertility specialists, providing acupuncture treatment and just as importantly, loving moral and emotional support during an IVF protocol that was cancelled and converted to an IUI. That IUI resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of my baby boy. I could not be more grateful to Megan for both the acupuncture treatment and moral support I received along the way having been a nervous wreck after experiencing miscarriages. Skipping forward a couple years, I was told by multiple doctors that it was unlikely I would conceive naturally (or at least may take a long time) because I had only one tube and a low AMH score. Nevertheless, I went to see Megan to try to normalize and understand my cycle. Shortly thereafter and much to everyone's surprise, I became pregnant with my baby girl. Please go see her if you are struggling with fertility!

Lauren F.