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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Family medicine is the newest specialty of Joyce Wellness.  It has been a joy and a blessing to support hundreds of women to conceive, and to deliver happy, healthy babies.  We are so pleased to now provide the same level of expert holistic care for the littlest members of the family.

We can support babies and children using non-needle techniques that stimulate acupoints on the body to help with pain, sleep issues, and digestive disorders, just to name a few.  We teach parents methods of stimulating these points using massage and essential oils to help your child feel better physically and emotionally.  We use a combination of nutritional supplements and herbal tinctures that children actually enjoy taking.

Dr. Christine does a monthly shonishin special in which children can come experience mini acupressure sessions using a variety of nature treasures including stones, crystals, and shells.  Dr. Christine will focus on strengthening the child’s immune system while also evaluating other imbalances that can benefit from further support. Children love playing with the nature treasures and leave feeling more relaxed.