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Referrals to Reproductive Endocrinologists and ObGyns can be customized to your needs.


When it comes to health, it is important to know that each person is the arbiter of his or her own care. Researching various treatment options is a way for patients to educate themselves on their conditions. Taking the time to learn the pros and cons for any treatment modality is an empowering process that is the first step towards better health. Here are some resources that can help on that path.



Good clinical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture used in conjunction with IVF demonstrating around a 50% increase in success rate with acupuncture vs. without. Acupuncture works to increase success rates of these interventions by increasing blood flow to the ovaries during the stimulation phase of IVF and by improving the effectiveness of the drugs given. It also relaxes the uterus and addresses uterine spasm after embryo transfer. Acupuncture also reduces stress, calms anxiety, and offsets side effects of the fertility drugs. Here is some more information on the aforementioned study.

In 2008 research published in the British Medical Journal showed that women doing IVF who underwent acupuncture were 65% more likely to have a successful embryo transfer compared with those who underwent a “sham” version of the treatment, or no extra treatment at all.

More recently, studies have shown the positive effect of Whole Systems TCM on fertility rates, versus acupuncture alone.  Whole Systems TCM is what we utilize here at Joyce Wellness: comprehensive fertility care that includes Acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. The results were especially pronounced amongst women over the age of 38.



This study looked at the effect of acupuncture on women who were not ovulating and found that acupuncture seems to adjust FSH, LH, and E2 in two directions and raises progesterone levels. The study also looked at animal experiments which confirmed the results found in women.

Prolactin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland, and women with amenorrhea often have higher levels of prolactin. Acupuncture has also been shown to lower prolactin levels.



A study at Goteborg University in Sweden showed that electro-acupuncture may help some women with PCOS to ovulate. Electro-acupuncture was developed in China as an alternative to manipulating acupuncture needles by hand. It involves the application of a pulsating electrical current to acupuncture needles as a means of stimulating the acupuncture points.

During the study, one group of women with polycystic ovary syndrome received acupuncture regularly for four months. A second group of women were provided with heart rate monitors and instructed to exercise at least three times a week. A control group was informed about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, but was given no other specific instructions.



Numerous studies have shown acupuncture to be of benefit in the treatment of male infertility. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, or using assisted reproductive techniquesacupuncture has been shown to increase sperm count and quality as well as concentration.


Several credible studies have shown that regular acupuncture treatment can have an impact on semen quality.

Here at The Yinova Center we find that Chinese herbs are very helpful in improving all aspects of sperm quality. Our experience is born out in studies such as this one. We prescribe our herbs in individual formulas which contain about 15 herbs. Each formula is prescribed individually and tailored to your specific needs.


Breech Babies

At around 34 to 37 weeks gestation, a fetus becomes positioned for birth with its head down. When not positioned this way, it is considered a breech presentation. By using moxibustion (the warming a specific acupuncture point with an herbal incense), babies turn into the correct position 69-85% of the time. You can read more studies about this here, here, and here.


A 1998 study at the University of Arizona looked at using acupuncture to treat major depression (1), using a double-blind, randomized, control trial. When measured against a control group who received a placebo treatment, the acupuncture group did remarkably well. In fact at the end of the study, 64% of the participants were judged to be in full remission of their symptoms.

(1) Allen J.J.B., Schuyer R.N., and Hitt S.K. (1998), The efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of women with major depression. Psychological Science 9 (5): 397—401.

special thanks to the Yinova center for sharing their compilation of research.

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is branch of holistic medicine that incorporates technological advancements in testing with natural treatment methods such as supplements, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling.  Functional Medicine does not address symptoms, but rather uncovers the root causes of health concerns to create lasting healing.

How much do sessions cost?

All consultations are billed at a rate of $125 per 30 minutes.   You are billed for the amount of time in session.  Initial consults typically last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the complexity of the case.  Follow up sessions with extensive lab review may last up to two hours.  There is an additional fee for lab analysis and emails providing medical advice.

Do you accept insurance?

While we do not bill insurance, we are happy to provide superbills that you can submit to your PPO insurance for direct reimbursement.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatments will vary from person to person. Once the initial evaluation has been completed, Megan will create a customized plan for testing and treatment based on your healthcare goals, finances, and availability.

Are there packages available?

Megan is able to create functional medicine packages based on your needs.  These packages provide a discounted rate for an initial consultation, testing, second consult with customized holistic support plan, and one additional follow up session. Half of the package must be paid at the time of the initial consult, and the second half is paid at the second consult.  For specific pricing, please email to discuss your specific needs.