About Kamron Jafari

Kamron Jafari, L.Ac, DAOM Candidate is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist specializing in physical medicine, pain management, and women’s health. At present, he is one of the few acupuncturists in the country pursuing his Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree, which is the highest level of post-graduate training in the field of Eastern Medicine.

From an early age, Kamron's thirst for problem-solving and his passion to help others have led him down the path of medicine and health. Raised in a family of alternative health-care practitioners, he approaches healthy living with a unique eye: continuously seeking to harmonize his alternative medicine upbringing with the wisdom of conventional western medicine. The result is a physician determined to integrate the best of two worlds. He has refined his skills in a number of integrative clinical settings such as The Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center and Simms-Mann Venice Family Clinic.

With the goal of helping women to lead shining and radiant lives, he devotes a great deal of his clinical practice to supporting women’s health. He provides essential expertise and warm care to his patients as they undergo their journey through fertility: assisting them throughout the prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal periods.

Kamron directs his attention towards the person first and then the condition. In pursuing the patient’s optimum health, he always seeks to understand and connect with the individual in front of him. The foundation for your unique treatment plan is built through mutual trust and connection. Kamron is very excited and honored to share his expertise with the patients at Megan Joyce Wellness!

Phone 424-341-1989
Email: kjafari.lac@gmail.com






  • "I had been searching for a good Acupunturist for awhile. I went through a few and wasn't too impressed with the ones I went to because I felt like just another number to them. I met Kamron while getting a prenatal massage at the Megan Joyce Clinic. We were chatting and I really appreciated his energy, compassion and knowledge. I decided to try him out and I'm SOOO glad I did. He was my primary acupunturist throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a rough first 3 months and Kamron not only treated me with acupuncture, but also suggested great food choices that would help me and they worked! He made a rough first three months of my pregnancy completely manageable. He was so thorough is finding out exactly what I needed. Kamron is so knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, thorough and really cares about his patients. That's what I really appreciate. You're not just another number to him. I highly recommend acupuncture while pregnant it seriously made my pregnancy great. I felt so good and was able to enjoy it. It's so hard to find authentic people who aren't just trying to rip you off, luckily Kamron is the exact opposite of that. He is affordable and builds solid relationships with his patients. Kamron is truly a gem." - Kamron J.